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Announcing Mexico as Portrait Country and New Features at World of Coffee 2017 in Budapest

World of Coffee 2017 (WOC) is coming to Budapest’s Hungexpo Fair Center from 13-15 June 2017. Thousands of people from more than 100 countries will converge on the City of Light for Europe’s greatest coffee gathering. Coffee professionals and enthusiasts attend WOC each year for inspiration, education, and networking.

Portrait Country for WOC 2017 – Mexico
The SCA is proud to present Mexico as the official Portrait Country for World of Coffee 2017 in Budapest. Mexico is one of the top 10 coffee-producing countries in the world and coffee is one of its most lucrative exports. Over half a million small farmers and their families rely on the crop for their economic survival.

Mexican coffee producer, Mr. Joel Arenas García, and representatives from Mexico’s Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food, will host cupping sessions of Cup of Excellence coffees open to all attendees and a talk at the Sustainability Forum.

Visit Café de Mexico to taste a variety of Mexican coffees at Stand E22 and view the event schedule for cupping session information:


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Announcing Touch of Excellence
Can super-automatic machines brew award winning specialty coffees as well as a barista using traditional machines? Can specialty coffee break into the bean-to-cup sector of the out-of-home market, worth millions of euros and one that dominates many countries?

To answer these questions, SCA has partnered with Cup of Excellence to launch Touch of Excellence, a new initiative bringing together five major super-automatic machine manufacturers -  Eversys, Faema, Franke, Nuova Simonelli and Thermoplan – to create a space at WOC Budapest where attendees can taste the world’s finest coffee brewed by a selection of the most innovative fully-automated machines.  

Whilst Touch of Excellence is aimed primarily at the market beyond the café and coffee shop, anyone interested in taking part is welcome to come and taste the coffee at Touch of Excellence on stand K26/K28 which will run throughout the three-day event.

Re:co Interactive Debuts at World of Coffee
Launching exclusively at WOC in Budapest is Re:co Interactive, a new space featuring three days of sensory discussions salons, workshops, explorations, panels, presentations and sensory explorations in an exclusive engagement and connection space.
Experience one of twelve rotating sensory experiences which will include:
A Focus on Wine Aroma - Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the important individual aromas which can be found in wine.
The Art of Malt, Hops, and Beer – An engaging sensory experience which will involve tasting malted barley and smelling both whole hops, hop teas, and hop teas with a special ingredient added to really explore the aroma of hops.
Managing Microbes for Cheese Flavour – Our coffee world is changing rapidly, what can we learn from other industries to propel us forward? At Re:co Interactive, explore the impact of different approaches to microbe management on the sensory properties of cheese.
Tasting the Future of Coffee – New Hybrid Varieties - Discover, taste, and learn about three recently developed F1 hybrid coffee varieties.
The Physiology of Taste – Participants will get to experience coffee in a completely new way. Our taste buds contain various types of taste receptors including sweet, sour, and bitter but by temporarily blocking these receptors, we are afforded a unique view of the role of taste in flavor.
Le Nez du Café Whisky & Coffee Aromas - Coffee and Whisky have a lot in common. At this sensory exploration, participants will learn how to understand and relate these strong and powerful beverages and grow familiar with the steps to both whisky and coffee processing

Learn more at

About World of Coffee
Organized by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and sponsored by BWT water+more, World of Coffee features over 200 of the world’s most innovative coffee industry suppliers, three full days of competitions and awards, inspiring symposiums, seminars, educational workshops and a packed social and networking program. Learn more at

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